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Price Lockdown - Same Price as Pre-Stimulus

We’ve always delivered REAL VALUE

Commodore Homes was founded on fairness and honesty. We believe you should receive the full benefit of the Stimulus Grants – just as the government intended. That’s why we’ve put a Price Lockdown on our designs.

We promise you will still get the same home, for the same price, with the same unbeatable quality and inclusions, as you would have before the stimulus packages were announced.

We’ve always delivered REAL VALUE. With the addition of these unprecedented grants, it’s impossible to build a better value home.

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Price Lockdown

The Price Test

Our Pre-Stimulus Price Lockdown means we haven’t changed our prices since February 2020 – see for yourself!

Pre-Stimulus Price Lockdown $149,800
Pre-Stimulus Price Lockdown 2 $149,800

Grants At A Glance

  • Income limit $125K single/$200K couple
  • Available for house & land up to $750K
  •  Sign contracts before Dec 31, 2020
  • No income limit
  • No limits on house & land value
  • Must sign contracts before Dec 31, 2020


  • Only available to first homebuyers
  • $750K house and land package cap with block purchases under $300K receive no stamp duty charges*
  • No expiry date

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