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Keystart Gives you a head start into home ownership

Keystart is a WA Government initiative to help homebuyers get into their own home faster, by lowering the deposit needed to as little as 2% – lower than the deposit requirements of many lenders. Plus with Keystart the First Home Owners Grant can count towards your 2% deposit. If you qualify, that could be your entire deposit right there!

A Keystart loan delivers real value. With deposits as low as 2% you can get into your own home sooner. Better yet, you don’t pay Lender’s Mortgage Insurance or ongoing fees so you may save thousands over the life of your loan. Given the low deposit nature of the home loans, Keystart’s interest rates are based on the average of the big four banks and is designed for lower entry costs rather than offering the lowest interest rate on the market.

Keystart is a transitional lender. The aim is to help you into a home, not lock you into a loan. As soon as you’re financially ready, you’re free to refinance with a new lender. For more information about why you should choose Keystart, head to the Keystart’s website.

We’re here to make application easy. Through our partner The Loan Company^, we guide you through accessing a Keystart loan and the First Home Owners Grant.

Key facts
about Keystart:

  • WA-only initiative that provides an affordable pathway into home ownership
  • Deposits as low as 2%
  • No Lender’s Mortgage Insurance or ongoing fees
  • Interest rate based on average of the big four banks
  • Transitional lender – you can refinance with a new lender anytime you’re ready
  • Increased income limits only available until June 2020.

Smaller deposit. Bigger benefits.

Here’s how Keystart help you into your hown home sooner:

keystart loans Low deposit

Low deposit

It’s faster to save for your deposit than a loan with a big bank. Your deposit can be as low as 2%.

keystart loans Use Grant as deposit

Use Grant as deposit

Your First Home Owners Grant can be used as part or all of your 2% deposit.

keystart loans saves money

Saves money

With no lender’s mortgage insurance and no account keeping fees, you save thousands over the life of your loan.

Do I qualify?

If you will be living in the home you build and earn within the Keystart income limits, you may be eligible to borrow up to $480,000. Keystart has recently increased how much you can earn so even if you didn’t qualify before, you could be eligible now. But you’ll need to be quick. These new income limits only apply until June 2020.

Find out if you qualify


$125,000 (maximum income)

Going solo


$150,000 (maximum income)

Going as a couple


$155,000 (maximum income)

Going as a family

The steps to making your own home happen

Do you qualify?

The first step is to see if you qualify.

Let’s find out right now.


Keystart indicates how much you can borrow. We help you find a home that maximises every dollar.

Full loan approval

Once you’ve decided on the home design and land, loan and mortgage documents are drawn up and signed.


Congratulations you’re a landowner! Your settlement agent liaises with Keystart to transfer the block into your name on an appointed day.


The real fun begins. You get to decide between all your amazing inclusion options during pre-start. Once administration is complete, construction can start.

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