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Top tips for top dollar when renting out your investment property!

Top tips for top dollar when renting out your property

An investment property has some great earning potential and can be a great way to get into the property market. But you also need to consider who is going to be living set your home up with the greatest earning potential. Ask anyone who’s rented out a property and they’ll tell you straight out: a great tenant is worth their weight in gold. So to ensure that you’ll get the top pick of your applicants(and earn the top dollar!) you’ll have to make your place feel at home.

Let them envision themselves in the space.

You’ve placed your property on the rental market and you’re opening it up for inspection. Of course you want it to look great, but here’s what you need to remember: less is more. Don’t crowd them by filling the space with toom much bulky furniture, covering the walls with art prints, and piling throw-rugs and pillows on everything.

A great tenant is someone who wants to make your rental feel like home, so they want to be able see the room and the possibilities it holds rather than your staging (no matter how tasteful it may be). The best thing is to give them a blank – but not too blank – canvas. A few tasteful pieces to let them see the potential is all you need. By letting them see the space, you make it easier for them to imagine their belongings in there.

A brand you can trust.

Some landlords make the mistake of skimping on appliances to save themselves some money. The “it’s better than nothing” mentality is a bad trap to fall into.

Knock-off whitegoods don’t just make a room look cheap, they’re also unreliable and prone to falling apart or malfunctioning. This won’t just result in expensive repairs – it will result in an irritated tenant who’s upset they can’t use their washer, dryer, oven or AC. Trust us: spend a little extra on quality and it’ll pay for itself.

That’s why if you’re build with Commodore Homes you should take advantage of the great value add-on packages. For a fraction of the price, you’ll get reliable brands like Fisher & Paykel kitchen appliances and Fujitsu air conditioning.

The Personal Touch

Don’t just offer them accommodation. Be accommodating. Provide them with easy ways to personalise their home

  • When staging your home, you can use stick-on hooks to hang art. Why not leave them with replacement adhesive, so they can shift the hooks to where they want?
  • Ask them if they plan to keep the drapery as is or if they’re planning on bringing their own? They’ll appreciate the option and if they’re planning on putting up their own curtains, you can remove the current ones and save them gathering dust in a storage area.

The most appealing feature is lots of features.

No single feature is going to make your property “the one”. It’s about giving them lots of different ones. For example:

  • Built-in and walk-in robes have proven to be hugely popular with renters (and if you’ve ever tried to transport a wardrobe, you’ll understand why). In fact, it’s in the top ten list of things they’re looking for.
  • A modern kitchen with quality appliances will give you the extra edge over other properties.
  • Huge amounts of storage is hugely desirable. Garage space, attics, outdoor sheds… if it helps them stay decluttered and give them enough space to swing a cat, it’ll help them stay happy.
  • Speaking of cats, you should consider making your property pet-friendly. Pet owners are willing to spend more on rent and they tend to hold onto longer leases. Just make sure to include add an extra pet bond for any unforeseen accidents!

Curb their enthusiasm

Renters aren’t just window-shopping: they’re window-front-door-front-yard-big-driveway-nice-street-shopping. You need to take into consideration curb appeal. Fortunately, Commodore Homes aren’t just beautiful on the inside – they’re come with a choice of stylish & modern elevations- making your home stand out before they even go through the door. So if you’re investing in a rental property, be sure to check out what they have on offer here.


Blog posted: April 9th 2019

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