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Simplify Your Life With An Affordable Turnkey Package From Perth’s Trusted Home Builder

Simplify Your Life With An Affordable Turnkey Package From Perth’s Trusted Home Builder by Commodore Homes

Buying a new home is one of the most exciting times in life. Before you’ve even signed the contract you find yourself daydreaming about how you will arrange the furniture, what colour scheme you want in the master bedroom, and what your new neighbours might be like. But as exciting as it can be, the homebuying process can also be a stressful one.

With so many things to get done, from paperwork, to packing, and everything in between, the homebuying process can quickly become overwhelming. Thankfully there’s turnkey packages.

Created by Perth Home Builders as a solution to the stress associated with buying a home, turnkey packages lessen the load on homebuyers by offering them a move-in ready home complete from front to back.

What is a turnkey package?

A common misconception when it comes to new construction is that homes are move in ready when the keys are handed over. What many people don’t know is that most standard packages don’t include essentials like carpet and blinds. That’s where a turnkey package comes in.

A turnkey package is an upgrade made available by home builders in which they take care of necessary additions to the home, like internal wall painting, flooring, and blinds. By upgrading to a turnkey package, you can relax knowing your home truly will be move-in ready when you receive the keys.

What do turnkey packages include?

Turnkey packages include additions to the home that make it live-in ready from the moment you get the keys.
Fully ducted reverse-cycle air conditioning is a common inclusion, as is special flooring, whether wood or tile, in the entryway and living areas and carpets with underlay are in all bedrooms and feature rooms.

Internal wall paint is also generally included in turnkey packages, saving families the time and hassle of having to move and paint at the same time.

Other common additions include:

  • Kitchen benchtops
  • Window treatments
  • Sliding doors to bedroom robes

Advantages of purchasing a turnkey package

The most obvious advantage of upgrading your home and land package to include a turnkey package is the amount of stress it will reduce during the homebuying process. Without the worry of getting your new home to a place where it is live-in ready, you can focus on more important things, like what furniture you want.

Another advantage to the turnkey package is that you are able to avoid working with multiple businesses and contractors to install additions to your home. You simply work with your home builder on decisions like paint and flooring, and avoid the miscommunication, time delays, and frustration that sometimes come from working with several different contractors.

For a simpler, stress-free homebuying process, turnkey packages offer the obvious solution.

With a range of turnkey packages available, Commodore Homes will make buying your new home memorable for all the right reasons.


Blog posted: December 2nd, 2016

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