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Save on your power bills with a Solar PV system

Solar PV system

Hello sunshine!

Did you know that Perth is the sunniest city in Australia? We average around 8.8 hours of sunlight each day – compared to Melbourne with just 6!

Imagine if every ray of sunshine hitting your roof could be converted to energy – energy that could power your home and give you less reliance on the expensive power grid?

How much will you save?

Power charges are set to rise…and rise. So now is the time to make the switch to solar. We’ve done the sums that say in your first year, there are potential savings of $1,338. In five years, you could save $6,690, and in ten years, there’s a massive $13,380 worth of potential savings*. Imagine what else you could do with that money?

Why go solar?

There are many benefits to having a solar PV system on the roof of your Commodore home. Apart from saving on power bills – a huge financial benefit – you will also be reducing your carbon footprint, and adding real value to your home, which will help if and whenever you decide to sell.

  • Provides up to 50% of your family’s new home power free* using the sun’s unlimited energy!
  • Prepare for future rises in energy costs
  • High efficiency 3000watt solar inverter with 5 year warranty
  • Premium Tier 1 solar panels
  • Battery expandable system – ready to meet your future energy demands
  • Solar panels with 25 year performance warranty and 10 year product warranty
  • Installed by MySolar – 100% West Australian owned company

How solar power works:

  1. The sun’s rays hit the solar panels, where solar cells capture the photons (sunlight).
  2. The solar cells generate Direct Current (DC) electricity
  3. DC electricity feeds into a solar inverter, which converts it to Alternating Current (AC) power.
  4. AC electricity is the 240V electricity you can use to power appliances in your home or office.

Solar powered house by Commodore Homes

Learn more about how solar works, and how it can work for you.

Why is going solar so important?

When it comes to climate change, we all have a responsibility, as individuals, communities, cities and countries. And it starts with our energy use.

Electricity generation in Australia is dominated by coal-fired power stations, which contribute one third of Australia’s net greenhouse gas emissions^.

Not only does our heavy reliance on traditional energy put our environment and long-term economic security at risk, it also makes us susceptible to rising energy costs, and that means larger bills. That’s why going solar makes so much sense.

Going solar not only saves you money now and for the life of your home, it’s an important and easily accessible source of clean, green, renewable and environmentally-friendly energy. Plus, with various State and Federal Government schemes and incentives, going solar really adds up to value.

For everyday homes, a well-designed, well-installed system can deliver a considerable return on investment. This means that over time, your system will pay for itself.

Which solar company will Commodore Homes use to install my system?

Every Commodore Homes solar system is installed by the solar experts at MySolar, a 100% West Australian owned company. MySolar are renowned for quality with a team of highly qualified electrical engineers and installers – all certified and accredited by the Clean Energy Council of Australia (formally known as BCSE).

Individually designed and approved under Australian Standard 4509, every MySolar Solar Power System is installed under the safety regulations stipulated by the Clean Energy Council and AS5033.

*Estimation only of maximum savings over the period stated. Assumptions – Based on a North facing solar power system in optimum conditions and assumes full year-round utilisation of generated electricity with 100% self-consumption and zero export to the grid. Dollar savings are potential maximums and are based on an average daily solar production as per Clean Energy Council Solar PV Consumer Guide Vol17 21 May 2012 and Synergy A1 tariff of 26.46cents per kWh. Percentage savings are potential maximums and are based on a household average annual consumption based on 20kWh per day for a 4 person Perth household as per Australian Energy Regulator Energy Made Easy website. System efficiency is estimated only and does not take into account for losses that may include shading, inverter efficiency, cable losses, dirt, manufacturer tolerances, grid outages, maintenance downtime, and other factors. Installation situation and energy tariff rates will affect the actual figures. Images and product pictures are for illustration purposes only.


Blog posted: August 24th, 2017

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