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Our most popular home features.

home features

Every one is different when it comes to the features they most want included in their home, but there are some that come up time and time again. We try to keep these in mind when designing our homes. So let’s go through the features people go gaga over.

Family focused designs.

When building a home, our clients are always thinking ahead. If they don’t already have a family, they want to make sure their home will be practical when they do have one. So we design all our homes with families in mind.

We offer plans for two, three, four and five bedroom homes, so we can accommodate families of all sizes. We also create separation between master suites and kids bedrooms by either positioning the master suite away from other bedrooms, or creating a buffer by placing walk-in wardrobes and ensuites between the master and other bedrooms.

Families need spaces where they can spend quality time together, but it’s also important for harmony to have rooms where they can spend time apart. All our homes feature open plan living, dining and kitchen areas because we know these are spaces that bring families together. We create separate theatre and activity rooms, so kids and parents can watch TV, listen to music, or hang out with friends without disturbing the rest of the family.

Designs to suit any block size or width.

These days, blocks come in all shapes and sizes. Most people have an idea of the place they want to live and sometimes blocks in those areas are limited, so you don’t always have much choice of block size or configuration. Of course, budget is also big consideration when it comes to block size. The smaller the block, the more affordable it’ll be.

That’s why we have home designs to suit almost any lot size or width. If you have a narrow block, no problem! A wide block? Easy peasy. We’ve got ready-made designs for blocks from 6 metres in width to 18 metres. It’s also worth noting that nearly 50% of Commodore Home’s clients end up with essentially one-off designs that have been heavily customized for their needs from one of our standard plans. Needless to say, this is a very popular feature of our design process.

Price per square metre.

Budget is an unfortunate reality we all have to live with, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be clever with your money to get more of what you want. At Commodore Homes we work very hard to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. We think carefully how we can maximise the liveable space in your home and use every square metre to its fullest potential.

We think it’s important to break down exactly how much each of our designs cost per square metre to give you an idea of exactly what you’re getting. While a smaller home may be cheaper now, the cost per square metre is usually higher. So it’s often worth considering getting a bigger home that’ll save you in the long run.

You’ll also be happy to know that Commodore Homes offers the best price per square metre of any homebuilder in Perth. Now that’s a popular feature!

Practical features.

There’s no such thing as too much storage or other convienent features in your home! That’s why some of our other most popular features are practical ones. Many of our homes include walk-in pantries, sculleries and shopper’s entrances. These features make day-to-day living easier by providing accessible storage, a place away to keep kitchen mess hidden from guests and a quick way to bring shopping straight into the house.

Another practical and popular feature of our homes is solar power. What better way to start life in your new how than saving every month on your energy bill? By providing PV Solar Systems as standard in every home we build, you’re not only helping out the environment, it’ll also save you money on energy bills.

If you’d like to know more about any of these features and how they’ll be incorporated into your home, contact our expert team today.


Blog posted: March 8, 2018

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