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My Journey Through Building a House in Perth – Part 2

Preparing for a Pre-start appointment can be extremely exciting and overwhelming. Kirsty said, ‘I’m very indecisive when it comes to making decisions that are set in stone’. When preparing for a Pre-start appointment, it’s better to over prepare and exhaust all resources on offer.

Commodore Client Portal: 

The Commodore Homes Client Portal is used to view and select internal and external options from roof and gutter colours to internal tapware and flooring. The portal identifies standard products and the cost to upgrade, this helped Kirsty to stay within her budget. The best feature of the Commodore Client Portal is the 3D render of your home. The render includes your chosen elevation and external colours which can be altered in real time. This allowed Kirsty to visualise her future home. 

BGC Home Showroom: 

The Commodore Client Portal is a great tool to use, but if you’re not tech savvy or prefer to see and touch products, come along to the BGC Home Showroom. With over 1000sqm of products under one room and a café onsite with complimentary coffee for clients – inspiration starts here. Kirsty viewed her selections from the Client Portal in the showroom, this allowed her to swap and change products and colours based on what was on display. Kirsty said, ‘I tested every tap and compared every paint colour’.  

Supplier Appointments: 

To prepare for Pre-start appointments Commodore clients are encouraged to visit Crosby Tiles and Trevor Carpets to select all flooring options including tiles, carpet, and vinyl laminate. Kirsty said, ‘The Consultants at both stores were very knowledgeable and experienced, I showed them my Pinterest profile and the design style I hope to achieve, and they worked their magic’.  

BGC Home Design Consultation: 

Before Kirsty’s Pre-start appointment, she wanted to further finalise her selections with an industry professional. BGC Home offers clients a free Design Consultation with an in-house Interior Designer. Kirsty’s Design Consultant gathered her selections from the Client Portal and supplier visits and advised on changes to achieve her desired scandi/coastal look. This consultation was extremely helpful for Kirsty as she was 100% happy with her selections and most of all, ready to tackle her Pre-start appointment.

Pre-start appointment: 

Kirsty’s Pre-start appointment went very smoothly thanks to her preparation, no further changes were made, however she upgraded products (within budget). As part of the Pre-start appointment, all clients discuss their electrical plans with a Clipsal Electrical Consultant. In this appointment you can review the positioning of all power points, lights and switches. Before this appointment Kirsty prepared for this by reading the article “Consider These 50 Things for your electrical and lighting plan” which can be found here. This article covered tips on electrical and lighting positioning. Kirsty used her electrical plan in her contract documents to sketch changes and additions. With only $12 over budget, Kirsty was very happy with all selections and awaits the construction of her dream home. 

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Blog posted: May 20th 2021

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