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The Death Of The Formal Dining Room

The Formal Dining Room

Is what used to be an essential room in the home soon to become a thing of the past?

With open-plan, breakfast bars and outdoor entertaining, at least in warmer climates, dining rooms may have become obsolete.

If you only dine formally once a year when the in-laws come over for Christmas, it might be time to re-consider choosing a home with a dining room. They are slowly becoming an unnecessary showpiece, a place to store the ‘fancy china’ and to sit when the queen decides to join you for dinner.


We seem to be leaning towards a more informal dining option on a regular basis…

We aren’t suggesting your family eat every evening in front of the TV, it’s just that other areas of the home are becoming more multi-purpose. As long as you don’t lose the social element to meal-time, then what’s the need for a specific room just to consume your food? Your breakfast bar in the morning serves as a place where you can prep lunch, have a chat, take in the morning news and still sit and enjoy your bowl of cereal as a family. Or when you have guests over, you’re more likely to take the party outside during the warmer months. So, what about the rest of the time?

Times have changed

Busy lives, with family members getting home at different times and tucking into meals at varying hours leads us to be more likely to make the most of an open-concept kitchen. With open-plan living, one member of the family can tuck into a delicious meal sitting at the kitchen table, while having a conversation with another who’s cooking or doing homework – moving away from traditions and towards a focus of comfort and everyone coming together, oppose to formalities.


Entertaining no longer needs to be formal

While dinner guests are now more likely to help with food prep than sit making idle chit-chat in the dedicated room, it makes sense to combine your space and make the most of every metre!

The kitchen take-over

It is a space to be embraced. It’s where we cook, congregate, entertain, discuss our days and be productive. It is common to be equipped with music, television, bookshelves and much more. Therefore, an additional kitchen island or a walk-in pantry seems like much better use of space than a large, formal dining room.


The heart of the home

An open-plan kitchen, dining and living has become the family room for all, often leading out to the alfresco and offering space for family and friends. This is the new way of living and we believe it is here to stay! Many Commodore Homes designs offer large, open-plan living areas ideal for your growing family.

Make better use of your formal dining room

So what to do with the space? More often these days we are seeing alternative dining rooms designed to suit the needs of your family. Whether that be a home-theatre, or games/activity room for a family who love to entertain, an additional guest suite, a spacious home office or even a gym for parents to enjoy, there are numerous ways you could make the most of your home design without having to re-design your floorplan. Just have a think about what space your family would benefit from and go for it, rooms can always be adapted as your family grows and social trends change.

Death-of-the-formal-dining-room-By-Commodore-HomesHow to make your dining area feel more like a room while still being open-plan

Still a lover of a dining area, while enjoying the ambience of open-plan? Here are a few handy tips to prevent your dining space feeling a little lost. First, choose a decent sized table that can fit family and friends – this will define the space you need to form your dining area. Select some statement lighting to hang over the dining table to distinguish the space. Finally, use high back chairs oppose to benches or stools to add more structure and a slightly formal feel.

As social trends and habits adapt, so should your home –

If you’re currently sitting in a large, rarely used dining room and don’t have the space to enjoy meals in your kitchen, it might be time for a slight re-design. It’s time to make your dining space less formal and more welcoming, whether it be for eating, chatting or homework. Start by giving your dining room a homier feel – it could just change everything! A casual door or even, no door will make the space feel more inviting – adding soft materials, throws, arm chairs and elements that offer less structure is a good idea here.

So, we’re waving goodbye to formal dining and welcoming open-plan, multi-purpose living spaces

Looking for some inspiration? Take a look at some of our house and land packages or home designs today!


Blog posted: April 21, 2017

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